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Mad Science


Mad Science

Mad Science came to visit SWFLPS and helped our students do some really interesting experiments!   


Grade 1 got up-close and personal with bugs of all kinds, learning about ways to classify them, where they fit in the ecosystem and how their bodies work. The students got to observe live worms to see what kind of habitat they like best and discover why that might be.  

Grade 2 have been learning about environments, so they made dioramas of dinosaur habitats, complete with rivers, trees and even volcanoes. The kids really enjoyed adding the lights to their habitats so the scene came to life.  


Our grade 3 students did three experiments relating to states of matter: they investigated how ice and salt react, how air pressure can be used in machines, and the best part was they got to make slime! These experiments helped them understand the movement of atoms in different states of matter.

Grade 4 learned more about electrical circuits and how to make their own. They made circuits with their bodies in order to make a light glow, did a variety of projects with different electrical components, and worked with plasma balls so they could see how the electricity moved.

Grade 5 investigated the difference between chemical and physical changes. They formed a hypothesis then conducted their experiments by mixing different chemicals together, observed the reactions and presented their findings.

All the students from grades 1 to 5 had a great time learning more about the world around them. Through engaging student interest and bringing in activities like this, we can help the students become more interested in science and encourage them to investigate what they don‘t understand. Thank you, Mad Science!


                                                                                                Written  by  Adelina Holmes

Pictures taken by christin & Claire

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